As you know, we think this is a great city to live, learn and have fun.  We'd like to know from you and your children - a few of your FAVORITE things! 


Your FAVORITE thing could be a be a tall, shiny building, an unexpected diaper changing table in a restaurant, the view of the Delaware River, a new curb cut for your stroller, one of the huge trees in Cadwalader Park, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens - you get the idea...


Parents and children live in the same world, but we sometimes see and appreciate very different things.  Tell us what you find to be great about this city many of us call home, and the city that many of you enjoy visiting. 


If you can be specific, we will take a photo of your FAVORITE thing and put it on our website.  Please email us your first and last name (we'll only use your first) and age if it is a child,  Thanks!